Samsung wireless Power bank for Watch & Phones


Samsung Wireless Battery Pack (EB-U1200CSEGWW)
USB Type: Type-C
Suitable for Phones, Apple Watch, Smart watch with Qi charging

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True Wireless Life

Enjoy all the convenience of wireless charging on the road. The new Wireless Battery Pack allows you to charge your Phones and watches , so you don’t have to worry even when you don’t have an outlet nearby. “

Get back to the load faster

Thanks to Fast Wireless Charging, the new Wireless Battery Pack charges your smartphone faster than ever. Even if your mobile phone is connected or charging wirelessly.

Compatible with Qi devices

Don’t forget any of your devices. Also, now you can charge its battery without problems. The new Wireless Battery Pack has been created to be compatible with Qi, so if your smartphone is compatible, you can now charge it with energy.