OPULA Cleaning Wipes 100pcs


The OPULA KCL-2033 Suitable for cleaning the surface of the product, such as computers, digital cameras, digital cameras, LCD screens, printers, copiers, fax machines, telephones and other products. clean wipes, 100pcs.

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  • Through the SGS ROHS testing and MSDS
  • Using the new technology developed by the technology of Ultra-Fiber non-woven material and special preparation. Can effectively remove the fingerprints on the screen. Oil and other dirty, clean and leave no wiping traces.
  • For the computer screen, computer keyboard, mouse, CD, telephone, TV and other items of surface cleaning.
  • Contains detergents for natural pollution plant extracts, non-alcoholic, non-petrochemical cleaning ingredients.
  • Microfiber non-woven material, not lint, the LCD screen without any harm. There is no harm to the environment.
  • After cleaning without leaving traces, no water printed, no color.
  • Can remove grease, fingerprints and other dirt
  • With sterilisation, disinfection, anti-static effect.
  • The bottle is made of recycled material.




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