Evolveo FitBand B5


Time and date display


Calculation of calories burned

Call for action

Automatic records of all-day activities

Sports activities: outdoor exercise, cycling, indoor exercise, swimming

Calculation of aerobic zones

Dynamic heart rate monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring

Automatic sleep monitoring

Call/SMS reminder

Anti-lost alarm

Smart notifications from social networks (optional applications)

Weather forecast

Wrist movement activation

Remote control of camera shutter on mobile phone


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Sporty and elegant fitness bracelet for all-day wear
Set your sports goals and track your progress, the EVOLVEO FitBand B5 will record your steps, calories burned, distance traveled overall time activity, and sleep quality.
24-hour heart rate monitoring, monitoring the length of sleep, and comprehensive data analysis help you adapt to a healthier lifestyle.
With its 26g weight and slim design, you won’t even know that you are wearing it.

Your assistant throughout the day
The fitness bracelet can be wirelessly connected with the phone, the bracelet will vibrate and you will see incoming calls, SMS messages, and notifications from your favorite applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) on the large, bright OLED display. You can choose which notifications you want to see and turn them off.

Sports activities for every situation
Whether you like cycling, running, hiking, or just strolling, this fitness bracelet provides you with data to motivate you for better performance.
The EVOLVEO FitBand B5 is waterproof according to IP68 specification, you don’t have to worry about getting wet, you can even enjoy swimming activity with it.

Leave your phone at home
Thanks to the built-in GPS module, the measurement of outdoor activities is even more accurate; the bracelet does not need to be simultaneously connected to a mobile phone for outdoor activities.
You will be able to see the route on the map, the total distance, average pace, speeds, aerobic zone calculation, and much more in the application.

The main advantages of the EVOLVEO FitBand B5
• Contains an active GPS module
• Monitoring all-day activities
• Direct measurement of heart rate and blood pressure from the wrist
• Bright and colorful OLED display
• Suitable for swimming includes swimming activity
• Notifications and alerts for incoming calls or SMS, Messenger, etc.




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