Choetech unidirectional 4K 60Hz Type-C to HDMI 2m Cable (CH0021-BK)


Brand: Choetech

Model: CH0021-BK

Connector Type: HDMI; USB Type C

Material: Aluminum, Nylon

Length: 2m

Image resolution: up to 4K 60 Hz

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Convenient image display
This Choetech video cable is used to transfer video and audio from a device with a USB Type C port to a TV, monitor, or projector with an HDMI port. With it, you can display the contents of the computer, laptop, or phone screen on a larger screen.

4K high resolution
The cable allows you to transfer the image with the maximum resolution of 4K and refreshment up to 60 Hz. You connect it to the USB Type C port on your computer or phone. It is compatible with the Thunderbolt 3 standard. devices such as Apple Macbook Pro, Dell XPS, Huawei Matebook, and others.

The highest quality materials
The cable has a pure copper core, which is additionally shielded with 3 protective layers. This ensures stable sound and image transmission, so the movies are smooth and you can watch them without interruption. The plugs are covered with an aluminum housing and the connectors are gold-plated. The nylon braid guarantees a long service life of the cable even with intensive use.

The cable is compatible with computers and telephones whose USB Type C port supports image transfer. Make sure your device will work with this cable.




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