Belkin Mixit Micro-USB to USB Type-A Charging Cable


  • Kevlar-reinforced conductors provide added durability
  • Flexible strain relief absorbs stress from bending to prevent breakage
  • Double-braided nylon forms a flexible, durable cable jacket
  • Aluminum casing protects a circuit board inside the connector
  • Flexible insulation reduces friction
  • Supports 2.4A charging
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Charge your micro-USB gear with the Mixit Charging Cable from Belkin using a typical USB port from your wall charger or computer. This cable is 4′ long and has a black design. With up to 2.4A of charging, the Mixit DuraTek can quickly recharge a power-hungry device utilizing a supported charger. For protecting the cable from various charging situations, the cable features drain wiring, shielded braiding, and Mylar shielding. Kevlar-reinforced conductors and flexible strain reliefs are also on board to prevent damage from daily connects and disconnects. Moreover, the cable is equipped with a double-braided nylon exterior and thermoplastic elastomer jacket, which provides flexibility.




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