Baseus Stylus Pen/Pencil Black



  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Golden Cudgel
  • Material: Aluminum + silicone
  • Size: 13,7 x 0,9 x 0,9 cm
  • Weight: 18 g
  • Additional features: gel pen
  • Compatibility: smartphones, tablets, navigation, touch screen computer (without 2-in-1 laptops with Windows system)
  • Package includes: stylus, extra tip

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  • Double-sided capacitive stylus with precision disc and gel pen
  • For creators– With high sensitivity, transparent disk tip touches the screen gently and flexible. The tip can be tilted 180 degree sand draw lines as smoothly as on paper. Perfect for drawing and drafting.
  • For gamers– Exceptional performance ensures a smooth, comfortable and fun game experience.
  • For business–Fast performance with accurate and smooth operation, it is great for project managers, office workers, and students.
  • Not only for touch screens– From the other side of the accessory you can find a useful gel pen. Perfect to take quick notes in a classic way.
  • Extra tip– Beside stylus, the package includes an extra tip with the precision disc.