Baseus Car Tool Air cleaner Micromolecule degerming device 100ml Black (CRSJCC-01)


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  • Scope of application All kinds of small spaces such as cars and offices
    Main Super absorbent resin 12g, living molecular
    ingredients water 80ml, nano small molecule 3%, extraction fragrance 20g
  • Bind with Carbon Chain Micropore Fast Lock and Kill Bacteria
    The gel-like chain structure releases disinfectant factors evenly and quickly binds harmful substances.
  • Double Circulation Hole
    Capture Odor in the Air
    Accelerate the flow of disinfectant factors and fragrance, effectively remove bacteria, odor, formaldehyde, and more from the air, retaining the natural fragrance.
  • Chlorine Dioxide for
    Sterilization and Purification
    Micro-molecule oxidation capture, suppress more than 10 kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • Micromolecule Degerming Device
    Sterilize and Deodorize
    Efficient purification I Double-layer hole design Non-toxic and harmless I For car and home use




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